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Digital Transformation is Us  

We are a diverse group of Learning and Digital Technologists with a very targeted mission. We seek to advance and support those embarking on Digital Transformation within companies and educational institutions. We are experts in:


  • Data-Driven Innovation, Transformation and Support

  • Private, Public, Hybrid and Multi-Tenant Cloud Hosting Services

  • Data Analytics to Inform and Facilitate  Decision Making

  • Design and Application of Artificial Intelligence Tutors

  • Transforming Learning Spaces, i.e., Design and Development

  • Augmented and Virtual Reality

  • Curriculum Design for Competency Frameworks

  • Learning Management Systems (Open Source and Off-the-Shelf)

  • Learning Design, i.e., Interactive Content, Micro-Learning

  • Active Learning Pedagogies, i.e., Team Based Learning (TBL) and Problem Based Learning


Our story is simple. We met and worked as a group when the newest medical school in Singapore, the Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine, was in the early stages of conceptualisation and development. Our mandate was to innovate around the design, development, and delivery of both a unique learning experience and learning space which featured the seamless integration of curriculum and technology enabled by a TBL pedagogy.  The associates herein worked hand-in -hand over 7 years as part of the pioneering team in the restoration of an iconic 3 floor building at Novena Health City, and the building of two new structures:  a 7-floor Experimental Medicine Building on the NTU campus, and a 20-storey Clinical Sciences Building across from Tan Tock Sent hospital. Upon the graduation of the first cohort of medical students in August 2018, Mr. Paul Gagnon, the Managing Director, proposed the set-up of 1WG with one goal (pun intended) in mind: Assemble the best talent under one umbrella and provide unparalleled expert driven 'hands-on' experience in the design, development and delivery of Innovative Digitally Transformative Services.

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